Sunday, March 27, 2011


3:46 AM


I watch the clock as it changes.

3:47 AM

I lay between them.

My husband to my left and my dog to my right.

The silence is broken by simultaneous snores.

It's like a band - an orchestra.

3:48 AM

I look over at my husband.

He sleeps peacefully.

I run my hands over his back.

"Remember this," I think.

Soon the band will be a solo.

Just me and the dog.

One snore.

At least while I'm awake.

3:49 AM

I close my eyes.

I listen to the music of my family.

I try to imprint it deep into my brain.

This moment.
This sound.
This warmth.
This love.

I smile and I drift off to sleep.

3:50 AM

Three snores.


  1. Cute post, that is exactly how I feel sometimes.
    My pug and my hubby snore a lot also!

  2. I like the angle you take on this. I'd never think of snoring as something I'd miss. Fortunately B does not snore. He is a cover hog, however.


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