Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Life

I didn't choose this life.
This life chose me.

A man walked into my life.
He just walked in.
He was kind.
He was strong.
He was funny.
He was sexy.
He was right.

I did not sign up for this.
He signed up for this.
I just fell in love.

I fell into a life of sacrifice and compromise.
A life of worry and fear.
But I fell into a life of friendship and support.
A life of respect, love, and affection.

I just fell.

I didn't choose this life.
This life chose me.

But if you ask me to choose,
I choose this life.


  1. How true.

    Isn't it irritating when someone says that we signed up for this? I bet they wouldn't leave the one they love!

  2. So, so true. I couldn't live my hubs if I tried.

  3. People ask how I do this military "thing". Honestly, I don't know any different. Civilian life scares me. Strange, I know.

    That, and I can't imagine my hubby as anything other than who he is. He is a man who will protect and serve. He is a soldier.

    Hang tight! This military wife gig is a fun ride. ;)

  4. I can completely relate to this.

  5. So beautiful! I never once considered the possibility that I would marry a man in the military, but he was right and so here I am.

  6. Love it! I found your blog through Goodnight Moon and feel like I relate to you. I'm working on my doctorate (just not in the medical sciences) and am married to a military man. Sometimes I feel others don't understand why I "chose" this path even with so many of my own personal goals I am trying to pursue. I agree--this life chose me, but I would choose it all over a million times. :) Nice to "meet" you...I look forward to following your blog!


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