Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Murphy's Law of Deployment

Everyone keeps telling me about this little phenomenon called the Murphy's Law of Deployment.  In essence, everything in your life spontaneously combusts as soon as your spouse deploys overseas.  I've heard stories about flooded basements, broken heating systems, rodent invasions, flat tires, sick children, pet emergencies, chimney fires, and so on.  I figure this is the one benefit to renting - I always have a landlord to call about anything regarding the apartment.  I keep joking that since I rent, all the karma will probably just shift over to my car.

Well, Murphy was listening AND listening early.

My car is now at the dealership after it began making an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sound every time I stepped on the accelerator.  Turns out, this isn't good.  Actually, it's really really bad.

Recommendation: Don't buy a car with turbo.  It will inevitably break and it's nauseatingly expensive to replace.

I'm not sure whether to take this as a good sign or a bad sign. If I was thinking positively, I would say that this major car failure snuck itself in right before my husband left.  Phew.  Murphy (whoever he/she may be) decided to do me the favor of having this occur while he was still home.

The negative view would be that this is just a small taste of what's yet to come.

Please pray for me.


  1. Haha this post totally made me giggle [well not about your car breaking] because when my husband left, everything that could possibly go wrong, pretty much did go wrong! Sorry you're having a rough time but I promise it's soooo much better later on! And Ps. Thanks for the note letting me know you're a new follower- Right back at you =]

  2. Oh no. Hopefully your car gets a full recovery! The Murphy's Law is SO true. On my hubby's first deployment overseas a pipe had broke on base a few yards away from my and my neighbors homes (duplex) and flooded our entire back yard and was less then an inch from reaching the inside of the house! You know what base housing told me (remember I am by myself) "you need to go get some sandbags ma'am". Do that myself! No way! Thankfully the fire department came and did that job for me!

  3. ahh! i'm glad for you that it happened pre-deployment, those things are so inconvenient (and stressful!) after they leave. thankfully, the counterpart to murphy is other military spouses...they'll help you out if you're in a bind. :)

  4. Let's hope that's the worst trouble you'll have!

  5. I'll cross my fingers for you that murphy will stay away during the deployment and this will be the only thing to break.
    I'm following you back and look forward to reading about everything this coming year for you.


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