Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red is Positive, Black is Negative

As I've mentioned before, there's a little thing called Murphy's Law of Deployment.  It strikes again and again to family members of the military.  I've been pretty lucky so far and have not had too many issues with Mr. Murphy.  Regardless, I have been forced to learn a few things along the way about self-reliance and independence.

I'm not sure that this qualifies as Murphy's Law, but the battery in my husband's cherished and beloved Mustang keeps dying.  I suppose I can't blame this on Murphy at all because it is actually entirely my fault.  I haven't been starting it on a regular basis or even a semi-regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago I enlisted the help of one of my husband's fellow firefighters to jump start his car.  This would have worked fabulously if the plan didn't rely on me continuing to turn the key on his car.  I let the car run for 30 minutes, shut it off, and of course didn't attempt to start it again for pretty much a millenium.   Needless to say, the Mustang sits in our garage with an empty battery and low tire pressure.  I actually believe the tires may be molding into one particular shape because they haven't moved.  I'm a horrible car babysitter.

Today I decided I would be an independent and strong woman.  I would....gasp...try to jump start his car on my own!  Oh the horror! 

I pulled my car forward just narrowly escaping denting his bumper with mine.  It took me a good 15 minutes to find the lever on his hood.  Finally with both car hoods open, I stood proudly admiring my work so far. 

Now came the difficult part.

I opened the jumper cables, inspected the red and black clamps and promptly googled "how to jumpstart a car" on my iphone.  This was quite successful as there are several detailed instructions online.  I connected red to positive (+), black to negative (-), red to positive (+) on the Mustang, and stood there with the final black clamp. 

Connect to a unpainted piece of metal under the hood.

No problem.  I confidently clamped it around a metal piece.  Unfortunately, no one warned me that it would spark. 

Boy did it spark.

I jumped, screamed, retreated, unconnected everything, threw down both hoods, backed up my car, and ran inside.

Why is it that I have no problem defibrillating a human being, but cannot manage to charge a car battery?

Oh well, there's no shame in asking for help.


  1. haha! you will get it on your second try!. You can even connect the black to your black - it will ground through your own car's ground wire. Just remember the grounds are you back up - always connect them first and disconnect them last... You can always call me if you need more help :)

  2. Sparks are scary! Who knows before you know it you could be changing flats and doing your own oil. ;) There's absolutely no shame in asking for help! Good luck, and try to start and drive the car at least once a month.

  3. humans? easy. cars? quite different haha. Good luck !

  4. I know how to change oil too...

  5. I say just call AAA and have them jump it and fill the tires. Then put it on your calendar to remind yourself to start and move the car once in awhile. Hubby will appreciate that, I'm sure! Or you could always just drive the Mustang to work once in awhile...hahaha.

  6. Just because you were going through ACLS this week doesn't mean you had to brush up with my car as a volunteer.

    Please don't fry the Mustang. Or the moderately expensive stereo components contained therein. If you do, well, we'll just have to replace it, them, or both.

    Also: As far as the "no problem defibrillating a human being", I suppose that's true. It's cardioversion that you seem to have trouble with.

    Love you missus.

  7. Lol! That's exactly what I would have done! One spark and Im outta there. And Ive defibrillated patients too. For some reason, it's definitely different.
    Why is it that everything seems to break when the guys are away? Always happens. At least you tried!

  8. Hahahahaah this is why I don't jumpstart the car. I'm good about turning my lights off and stuff, but my husband is not so every couple of months we have to jump it lol

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