Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey Hey We're The Monkeys!

Please excuse my short period of absence.  Hubby and I were out hob-nobbing with the jungle creatures.

After 3 months of marriage, we got to take our belated honeymoon to Costa Rica and it was amaaaazing.  We flew into San Jose, stayed a night, and then rented our 4x4 for the 4 hour trek to Uvita.  We passed through beautiful mountainsides, traveled over crocodile laden rivers, and finally approached our destination.

We were warned by our hotel that the road was bad and we needed to rent a 4x4 or we wouldn't make it.  Well, they certainly weren't kidding.  As we drove up the bumpy and rocky road I questioned whether we were going to survive the climb up the mountain.  Just when the nausea started to set in, the white walls of Oxygen Jungle Villas were before us and all of my hesitation melted away.

This small boutique hotel consists of 12 glass-walled villas for a total of 24 maximum guests.  The owners, Edwin and Floortje, live right there so they are always available for help, advice, or just a friendly conversation.  The service was wonderful, food was delicious, and the hotel was beautiful.  One of the best parts was the surprise 4 course dinner every night - there were many times that I watched my husband physically use his fingers to lick the plate clean.

Even though our hotel was awesome, we spent the majority of our time exploring the area.  We took day trips to Manuel Antonio National Park and Corcovado National Park (described by National Geographic as "the most biologically intense place on Earth").  Our goal was to see wildlife and boy did we ever:

Humpback Whales
Howler Monkeys like to wake you up at 5 AM screaming
White-Faced Monkeys
White-Nosed Coatie
A sloth napping.  My kinda people.
Macaws mate for life. How romantic :)
Brazilian Wandering Spider: After I was told this was the deadliest spider in the world, I got a little nervous getting up to go to the bathroom at night.
We also went on a canopy zip line adventure and an ATV ride through the countryside.  These were both incredibly fun and certainly helped prove my case to Hubby that I'm a true badass. I even went first on the zip line and I only screamed slightly like a baby on the Tarzan swing.  I drove the ATV straight into a rocky river with water up to my calves and I managed to dislodge myself from quite the precarious position (nevermind that I may have permanent nerve damage in my hand). 

It was a honeymoon to remember forever and I'm pretty sad to be back.  As I sit here now surrounded by snow and ice, the memory of this will keep me going:

 *All images are personal photographs taken on our brand new Nikon 3100 :)*


  1. OMG these pictures are amazing!!! Are you sure you didn't steal them off of some travel website? ;) I've heard great things about that hotel- and it looks like absolute heaven in your pics!

  2. AMES - I am soooo jealous! Maybe some day I will be able to go on a belated belated honeymoon...

  3. Costa Rica is so amazing. I love how proud the people are of their parks and wildlife. Excellent photo work with your new camera! And most of all, we are glad you had such a wonderful and memory-filled honeymoon! I also love Costa Rica, but not crazy about the spiders, poison frogs, or snakes!

  4. great pics! i need a belated honeymoon too stackett... (and i think i might need a new camera!)

  5. looks like such a great time, ame! well done with the new camera, the pics are just keep that wonderful weather in the front of your mind as this winter drags on!! xoxo britt


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