Friday, October 21, 2011

A Better Day

"Hey did you hear the news?"

I looked up from a patient's chart and saw one of the city paramedics.

"They announced today that all troops will be out of Iraq by December 31st!"

I gave a fake smile.

"Oh, yeah, well I'll believe that when I see it," I replied.

It was my routine response to this topic.  I've known about the December 31st deadline for a long time and I consistently google all news articles related to the topic.  However, I know that these things can change at any moment and the nature of my husband's work makes it so that he will be one of the very last to leave.  I have prepared myself for a late spring reunion.

I worked the rest of my busy shift, walked to my car, and pulled out my phone to check my email.

One of my best friends wrote: "This is great news, right?"

I shrugged.  Maybe.

Then I saw the video:

The tears started running down my face.  And then I started sobbing.  Alone in my car I was able to let down the wall and feel the complicated emotions of deployment.

I'm still ready for the full deployment but I can't help but feel happiness over the official announcement of a possible early return.

I got home, ate Chinese food, and opened my fortune cookie.

It read:  

Today is probably a huge improvement over yesterday.


  1. I think you should be optimistic! I am and was thinking about you all day - the end of the year!! Love you!

  2. I've been watching this closely too. We are in the same situation - was supposed to be Spring homecoming, now saying before the holidays. But like your husband, my husband's work will make him one of the last to leave as well. The unknown is getting to be the hardest part lately. I don't even know how to feel right now. I will be keeping you and your husband in my prayers over the next few weeks/months. Stay strong!

  3. How awesome if they came home early! I'll cross my fingers for you :)

  4. I would be so happy for you if this was true! :)

  5. my honey is in Iraq~ And I sure hope it is true!

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