Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OPSEC: Silence Means Security

You may notice that I am sometimes vague about things on this blog - this is intentional.

You will never see my full name, place of work, place of residence, close-up photographs, or any other specifics.  The same goes for details regarding my husband and his military unit.  This is for my safety and for his safety.

In fact, even if you know me in real life, you will find that I am probably going to be fairly vague when answering your questions about my husband's deployment.  This isn't because I don't trust you. It's because I don't trust life and I want my husband to come home safely.

OPSEC or Operations Security is based on the premise of protecting loved ones by protecting the information that you know.  It is being aware of what you share because it could be heard, read, or seen by people that intend to use it in a negative way.   Even small, seemingly insignificant details can be put together into a bigger puzzle and critical information can be extrapolated.

As Household 6 Diva writes on her blog:

Don't talk about the time frame.
Don't talk about the mission.
Don't talk about equipment.
Don't talk about numbers.
Don't talk about destinations.
Don't spread rumors.
Don't share pictures with unit insignia

Phone, email, chat rooms, message boards, blogs.
Always assume someone is listening.

My lovely readers, if you ever see anything on this blog that you think violates OPSEC, please let me know.  

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