Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello World!

As if life isn’t busy enough, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of writing a blog.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever live up to the blogging skills of my good friends over at Oh! Apostrophe and Meet the Schwajaks! but perhaps someone out there will find this worth reading.  In truth, I hope that this will be cathartic for me as I face what may become one of the most difficult years of my life: the combination of intern year and my husband’s deployment to Iraq.  Both of these life changes are only a few months away and I’m gearing up for what will definitely be a long and sleep-deprived journey.  I’ll probably write a lot about these things, but don’t be surprised if you see some postings about my loves...family, friends, and FOOD.



  1. Yay!!!!! Love it. Can't wait to read it :)

  2. Hooray! I agree, I already love it. Nice start, Dr. A-W!

  3. you are officially saved in my blog folder at work, one of my favorite parts of my day! xoxo

  4. post more post more! I hope you have a great turkey, can't wait to see you on Friday!

  5. Good luck with your blogging! I've found it to be very therapeutic and fun. Consider these next months so precious with your Hubby!

    Thanks for following me :)


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